Both Parties Get and F

Posted June 6th, 2020

Well here we are almost four years since the Democrats lost the election. We speculated at the time that some good would come out of it in that the Democrats would have to do some soul searching and come to terms with why they lost the election. And hopefully start representing the core values of their base. Indeed, Trump beat the democrats by appealing to the working man and therefore he outflanked the democrats to the Left. We now know those were empty promises, but the fact remains that's how he won the election. We really thought the Democrat party would have to face up to this unpleasant reality; they had moved so far to the right that they lost the election to somebody as unpalatable as Donald Trump by allowing him to outflak them to the Left.

Well, we were dreaming and nothing of the sort happened. Instead we were subjected to four years of excuses. First, they tried to blame losing the election on the Russians. When that failed they tried to impeach him on what amounts to extreme minutia in the scheme of things. The catch-22 situation the Democrats face is that most of his impeachable offenses like war crimes and crimes against humanity, the Democrat party is complicit in. The only time they gave Trump any praise was when he started dropping bombs on foreigners.

And here we are four years later and the party delivers us Joe Biden, who continues to represent the extreme far right of the party. The Democrat party would rather lose to Trump with a right wing candidate than win with Bernie Sanders who spouts a modicum of left sounding rhetoric together with his penchant for right wing foreign policy. Obama, one of the best friends corporations ever had, said he would do anything in his power to make sure Sanders was not the nominee. The so-called liberal press branded him the most dangerous presidential candidate in history. Make rich people even a little bit nervous and that's the reputation you will get. We thought the Democrat party would have to outgrow this after what happened. But it didn't. In 2016 CNN fed Hillary the debate questions ahead of time as part of their consipracy to derail Sanders - she was caught red-handed by WikiLeaks. We should be so outraged by this, protesting and demanding changes, but nobody did, nobody cared, because the corporate media effectively told us not to. And here we are four years later stuck with Biden. In 2020 they have conspired against Sanders again and pushed the most despicable extreme right-wing regressive criminal of a candidate to the head of the pack. Sanders already would have been bad enough with his long tenure of war crimes. But Biden is off the charts, they could not have picked a worse candidate.

Obama was every bit the war criminal that Bush was. Obama did not need to be converted to a frontman for capital, he took it to heart from the get-go. Every word he spoke to get elected was an intentional lie. Once elected, he knew nobody would hold him to any of those promises, he knew most people are so distracted they'd just assume he kept them. And he was right. And he knew he could count on the corporate media to keep us well uninformed. So without a peep of resistance from the population he proceeded to hire all of the corporate criminals from the Bush era and escalate the wars and continue stealing from the poor and giving to the rich, basically being Bush's 3rd term. He refused to prosecute a single criminal responsible for the 2008 economic crisis, the biggest ripoff of the lower classes by the upper of all time. Obama does not associate himself with the poor and disaffected, he was a born natural pimp for the rich who he believes are his people. He threw the workingman under the bus, oversaw the eviction of millions, bailed the rich out from any of their gambling losses, maintained Bush's tax utopia for the rich, became deporter in chief and prosecutor of whistleblowers, and increased spying and domestic surveillance. Meanwhile overseas he blew women and children to bits on a daily basis. He had no compunction about dropping bombs on weddings and funerals killing and maiming civilians with impunity. That had nothing to do with national security. Obama loved war, he campaigned not on the promise to end the wars but on the promise to fight them better. He also implied his love of war during his surreal acceptance speech of the Nobel Peace Prize where he gave us a heads up about all the wars he was about to wage. And the corpoate media fawned over him like he was the second coming. As such he got the good people of this country to abandon their progressive and anti-war sentiments that had been fostered under Bush. Obama turned the entire population to a pro-war stance, something no Republican could ever dream about being able to do. Yet Obama's wars were every bit as evil as Bush's. He escalated the Afghanistan war and branded it "the good war" without a peep of resistance from the population. What he did to Libya deserves life without parole, also for Hillary and many others. But nobody knows, nobody cares, nobody bats an eye for those people. That's why the Democrats can get away with things Republicans can only dream about. Bush's foreign adventures were closely scrutinized. Obama's were ignored. Hillary was every bit as pro-war and anti-worker as Obama, and Biden will be as bad if not worse.

Both parties get an F-. Even Bernie Sanders is an irrepentant war criminal who chomps at the bit to do it again. Obama made the good people of this country believe war is good. Sanders would make it downright saintly. But they won't even give him the chance to do that, because of all of his talk that sounds like socialism.

It will be Biden or Trump and we're guaranteed a horrific and depressing four years regardless. We at True American Left do not believe in voting for war criminals so we cannot condone voting for either clown. We are disgusted by the authoritarian and hopeless stance taken by Noam Chomsky and his minions like Michael Albert trying to bully the Green party to not even run a candidate. To the Green Party's credit they appear to be resisting the bullying. Instead we agree 100% with this analysis by Behrooz Ghamari Tabrizi. We do not accept their lesser-of-two-evils arguments and bullying of other parties to step down so their preferred war criminals can have four more years with impunity. We had tremendous respect for Chomsky during the cold war and through the 90's. But the damage he causes today with his pimping for the Democrat party is considerable and hard to overlook. We will endorse a morally acceptable candidate should one come available. Last time we endorsed Jill Stein.