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Thoughts After Election Day:

Posted February 2nd, 2016

Bernie Sanders did well in Iowa. Here at True American Left we want to ask what does it say about a country if much of the radical left are promoting with enthusiasm war criminals and terrorists. We understand the lesser-of-two-evils argument. Even Noam Chomsky, one of the all time heroes of the radical left and for whom we at True American Left have the utmost respect, ascribes to that philosophy in presidential elections. He voted for almost every Democrat in the past, while being very clear that he believed they were terrorists, war criminals and murderers of women and children for the real and perceived U.S. business interests. CounterPunch basically represents the far left opinion in this country, without going so far as to be bonafide communists or something akin to that. If the mainstream is to have a mentionable radical left, CounterPunch is probably it. Yet the debate on CP is split, with many glowingly positive articles about Bernie Sanders. There is a radical left opinion that understands that there is no humanitarian basis for U.S. foreign policy. The war against Serbia in 1999 is no exception and was based on lies akin to the weapons of mass destruction lies that came back bite George W. Bush so hard. Had Bush's war ended in three months like Clinton's did, then no doubt he would have been given a pass, just like his father was given in Panama in 1989, for example. Yet Sanders voted for the heinous war against Serbia and he brags about it now, and he declares that he would gladly do it again. Sanders says it was a hard decision to vote for the war in Serbia but in the end he felt the positives outweighed the negatives. Nothing could be more status quo - or false. That war was illegal and wrong in all the usual ways. Similarly, and few are aware of this, but under Clinton Bernie Sanders voted for the antagonism that lead to the Iraq war and in 2003 he voted in support of the Iraq war commending the president for "his firm leadership and decisive action in the conduct of military operations in Iraq as part of the ongoing global war on terrorism". So Sanders has voted for heinous and illegal wars and he has voted to support ongoing heinous and illegal wars. Furthermore, he is claiming now in the debates that the U.S. must lead a coallition to fight international terrorism. He even claims global warming will increase terrorism so we must be proactive in our violent actions worldwide. It proves plain and simple that he does not understand the crucial realities about U.S. foreign policy and is almost certainly going to be yet another atrocious advocate for rampant violence in the name of U.S. business interests. But just as Obama turned Bush's bad wars into "good wars" for much of the population, Sanders will make these wars downright saintly. If that's the lesser of evils to you, then fine. Or if you truly believe in the benevolence of some U.S. wars then fine. But where is the opinion that should lie to the left of that? Where is a media organization that absolutely draws a hard line at the promotion of war criminals? Wherever it is, it is to the left of CounterPunch, the most visible voice of the radical left. Far radical left opinion in the U.S. has not drawn the line at promotion of war criminals. If that is not an indictment of the current state of political affairs in this country then we don't know what is. We do not want to be communists; we do not want to change the U.S. constitution. But where is there a domain for those of us who do not want to break bread for any reason with people who promote war criminals and murderers of women and children? Is it not a reasonable expectation that such a place should exist? Yet we find ourselves in a country that has squeezed that option completely out of existence. This is why we created True American Left. This returns some sanity to the system - to have a "no war criminals period" option again.

Thoughts on Perseverence

Posted February 14th, 2016

Only six people showed up to his funeral. The New York Evening Post published his obituary as "He had lived long, did some good, and much harm." He was almost universally hated. His name was Thomas Paine. The world wasn't ready to accept the truth. But he stuck to the principles he had come to undertsand were true, regardless of the consequences. Writer Robert G. Ingersoll wrote at the time of his death:

Thomas Paine had passed the legendary limit of life. One by one most of his old friends and acquaintances had deserted him. Maligned on every side, execrated, shunned and abhorred – his virtues denounced as vices – his services forgotten – his character blackened, he preserved the poise and balance of his soul. He was a victim of the people, but his convictions remained unshaken. He was still a soldier in the army of freedom, and still tried to enlighten and civilize those who were impatiently waiting for his death. Even those who loved their enemies hated him, their friend – the friend of the whole world – with all their hearts. On the 8th of June, 1809, death came – Death, almost his only friend. At his funeral no pomp, no pageantry, no civic procession, no military display. In a carriage, a woman and her son who had lived on the bounty of the dead – on horseback, a Quaker, the humanity of whose heart dominated the creed of his head – and, following on foot, two negroes filled with gratitude – constituted the funeral cortege of Thomas Paine.
When we feel ourselves overwhelmed by the fact that even now almost the entire population is dangerously ignorant, we draw inspriation from Thomas Paine and the fact that he preferred to walk the extremely lonley and difficult road he walked, and to die hated and alone, than to concede to that which he knew was so severely and dangerously wrong.